Polymer Science and Engineering

The Division of Polymer Engineering and Science is dedicated to providing the global society with leadership technology for a broad base of commercially viable polymer-related materials, processes and products through the development and application of our core competencies, which include analysis, modeling, design, synthesis and performance testing.
The objective of  the division is the practical application of scientific and engineering principles to generate new material and processing concepts and enhance technical problem solving capabilities related to the production and use of polymers.
Activities range from the fundamental aspects of polymer physics, analysis, characterization, mechanisms, properties and rheology to the utilitarian functions of engineering, manufacturing, design and performance.
Over the years, the interests of the Division’s members have come to include rubber,  commodities, adhesives, biomedical polymers, composites, polymers for specific applications, structural plastics, coatings, foams,  fibers and films . Their  expertise spans the polymer technology spectrum from basic compounding, extrusion and molding processes to nanoscale structure, and multiscale modeling. Particular strengths lie in multicomponent systems, processing operations and mechanical behavior .

The division is comprised of three main areas:



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