Deposition of semiconductors for low-cost solid-state solar cells

Contacto: Dra. Marcela Vazquez
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Brief summary of the problem under investigation

Our goal is to development of a process to prepare photovoltaic solar cells for terrestrial use composed by abundant and non-toxic elements and with low production costs. One of the most important barriers against large-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar cell manufacturing is the high production cost of the PV modules. This project aims to explore alternative production technologies for the semiconductors that constitute the p-n junction. We intend to prepare prototypes of inorganic solar cells in solid state, economically competitive and reasonably efficient. The absorbent material chosen avoids the use of toxic or expensive elements. Selected methods of processing prioritize the use of energy efficient, clean, scalable and low-cost technologies. The key of our projects is to optimize the synthesis of the p semiconductor (CuInS2 and Cu2ZnSnS4) and to incorporate nanostructure in the n semiconductor  (TiO2 and ZnO).


Publications (last 5 tears):

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