Laboratory of Mechanical Properties of Ceramics

a. Persons in charge:

Dra. Analía G. Tomba Martínez – Ing. Sebastián E. Gass

b. Objectives

  • The aims involve the research, the transference and the teaching scopes.
  • - To evaluate mechanical behaviour of advanced ceramics and refractories.
  • - To perform routine mechanical tests.
  • - To design and to implement non-routine mechanical tests.

c. Tasks

  • The tasks are mainly related to ceramics even other types of materials are also tested by request.
  • - Specimens preparation (cutting and machining)
  • - Performing of routine and non-routine mechanical tests, in different loading, temperature and atmosphere conditions.
  • - Elaboration of mechanical tests protocols.
  • - Implementation of quality and safety standards.

d. Main equipment

  • Universal mechanical testing machine Instron 8501
  • Fixtures for biaxial, 3-points and 4-points flexure tests
  • Extensometers (1600 ºC)
  • Furnaces up to 1600°C
  • Durometer Tukon 300
  • ATCP equipment for elastic moduli and measurements damping
  • Equipment for cutting, drilling and machining


e. Images

lab-propiedades-mecanicas-ceramicos-1 lab-propiedades-mecanicas-ceramicos-2 lab-propiedades-mecanicas-ceramicos-3
Split furnace used for flexural tests
in advanced ceramics
INSTRON capacitive extensometer Diametral compression test




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