Laboratory of Functional Properties of Ceramics

a. Person in charge:

Dr. Leandro A. Ramajo

b. Purpose:

Testing of electrical behavior of ceramics, polymers and composites.

c. Activities

  • Characterization of the ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of ceramic materials.
  • Quantification of electric and dielectric behavior of composite, ceramic, polymeric materials from room temperature to 500 °C.

d. Available equipment and techniques

  • Temperature controlled sample holder 
  • Digital Super Megohm Meter DSM-8104
  • Sawyer-Tower circuit to measure ferroelectric hysteresis curves
  • Hipot Vitrek V73 Hipot ac/dc/ir tester (0 to 5000V)
  • RF Signal Generator GW Instek
  • Piezo d33 Test System Model: YE2730
  • LCR meters, HP4824A Hewlett-Packard and Hioki 3522-50 and 3535 Hi-Testers
  • Multimeters (Agilent y Rigol 5½ y 6½)
  • Digital Oscilloscopes (Owon 25 and 60MHz)
  • AC voltage regulators (0 to 250V)


e. Some images of our lab







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